When the novel Pachinko by Min Jin Lee came out, a friend of mine—a third-generation Japanese American—suggested I read the book. The first thought I had was, “I wish somebody would turn this into a drama.” I hoped someone would… Read More ›

Squid Game

Absence of Father – Absence of God There is a common thread among the main characters in Squid Game. They have no fathers. Both Seong Gi-Hun and Cho Sang-Woo were raised by a single mother. Kang Sae-Byeok is an orphan…. Read More ›

Reaching Out

Reaching in the dark, experiencing the sorrow of loneliness and hopeless, a young girl with grey hair is surrounded by a pain that no one can understand. Where she was alone in silence, looking to pointlessness, eyes closed, maybe weeping,… Read More ›

Becoming a Peacemaker

As we see in this fresco by the Italian artist Fra Angelico (1395-1455), Christ and his disciples sit at the center of the composition, forming a circle of fellowship. Christ’s right-hand raises in a gesture of teaching, referring to the theme… Read More ›

Transformation in Christ

This wooden cross portrayed a beautiful Salvadoran landscape, replete with colorful nature senses. This reminds us in Genesis, all creatures are made by our Creation God. It seems that the designer is trying to bring us to the place with… Read More ›