Reaching Out

Peggy Yu, Angels & Mother Mary, 2017

Reaching in the dark, experiencing the sorrow of loneliness and hopeless, a young girl with grey hair is surrounded by a pain that no one can understand. Where she was alone in silence, looking to pointlessness, eyes closed, maybe weeping, she dared not face a cruel reality, but suffer in loneliness and hopelessness alone.

In a polarity of darkness, there is a golden light with glory from the corner towards the face of this girl in sorrow. However, she was so depressed she did not notice there was an angel (Holy Spirit) who was whispering to her. The pain of loneliness and hopelessness made it difficult for her to let anyone share her feelings.

Jesus said, “I am the Light of world. No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness. I provide plenty of light to live in. (John 8:12)” However, in reality, when experiencing loneliness in the dark, an overwhelming helplessness and despair will trap us in powerlessness. We can’t defeat it.

Girl laying her head onto the wooden pillar, it seems that she was in a polarity between loneliness in the bottom of the heart, and a solitude that contradicts the outside world.  Although her eyes were closed, the golden light with a guidance angel still stood beside her waiting.  She was in the dark, but she was not in the dark.  Her hand showed a gesture where she tried to reach out from the dark to the light.  She was in the light; the light of our Savior Lord covered her.  Even though no one can help her in the dark, Jesus can; our Savior Lord is the only light that can break through darkness, and save us as we reach out from suffering, powerlessness and helplessness.

Have you ever experienced something similar?  Being in conflict dealing in our inner-self with the outside world? Or in our innermost desire between hostility and hospitality in response to righteousness?

Through years of pain in loneliness and solitude, we may not be aware but the truth is, angels sent by our precious Lord is always standing by our fragile spirit, whispering and guiding us to our hope in Jesus. In prayer, all sufferings can develop and sharpen our capability to reach out to a spirit of courage, hope and love.  Out of fear, struggle and anger in darkness, a new life is born.

Reaching out to the world in a new life, offered us by our Savior Lord who has made it clear to everyone, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9) Jesus does not allow us to grow without getting through darkness.  He let us get through the pain of solitude; our spirit may be burdened with loneliness and hostility. However, when we accept Jesus’ offer by reaching out from our brokenness and loneliness and rebuild our imitation of Him, humbling ourselves to His throne of grace, all tension in the dark will be transformed into an empowering of an innermost spirit in us.  Darkness is not dark; loneliness is not lonely, when Jesus is there with us.

“The human senses are purified in the dark. When soul walks through the dark night, it is walking towards the light of the soul.” (Dark Night, St. John of the Cross)

We all own a little part of this young girl. We can sense the pain of brokenness in darkness.  Do you allow sorrow to trap your soul in darkness?  Fear not, just focus on the light.  Simply open your eyes, humble yourself, then you will realize a golden light is covering you – our Savior Lord is waiting.


Angela Chiu

Director of Central Gospel Mission Ltd

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