It is such a pleasure to announce the official launch of the Asian American Theological Forum online (AATF) in July 2014. This website is the only professional e-magazine that provides an editor-reviewed platform for theological discourse by and for Asian Americans, and beyond. Since this sort of attempt is the very first, we as the editorial team humbly take the given opportunity both as a privilege as well as responsibility.

By and for “Asian Americans,” we want to include a wide range of Asian North American groups as far as possible: that is, East Asian Americans (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Americans), South Asian Americans (e.g., Indian, Nepali, and Pakistani Americans), Southeast Asian Americans (e.g., Filipino, Malaysian, and Vietnamese Americans), and Pacific Islanders as well. Also, it is our hope that we will be able to include all generational groups (i.e., first, second, and third generation Asian Americans) for inter-generational conversation.

AATF’s racial/ethnic scope is beyond Asian Americans. Any and all theological or cultural discussions and materials related to Asian American life from other racial/ethnic groups (e.g., Euro American, African American, Hispanic American, etc.) will play a significant role in the configuration of the magazine’s content.

The theological or cultural scope is widely open, from evangelical and conservative to liberal and progressive, since that broad scope is observed in the Asian American theological world. Alongside conventional theological compartments (e.g., Bible, Theology, History, etc.), a portion of the magazine is particularly given to the area of Ministry. It is our editorial team’s belief that Asian American theological discourse is firmly grounded in, grows out of, and/or works for the Mother church’s life. Additionally, the Culture section is included since culture has been a strong source for both theological discussion and ministerial enrichment.

The AATF site is specifically created in the magazine format, neither as formal academic journal nor individual’s private blog. Thus, all the content appearing on the site is editor-reviewed for standard quality of writing (see submission information) and theological advancement.

Last, but not least, we hope the magazine contributes not only to the faithful life and theological development of Asian Americans, but also to the same of all other racial/ethnic groups with whom Asian Americans share their American life, culture, and belief in God. The magazine will provide a small yet significant steppingstone for that mutual learning and growth.

Enjoy the readings, and hopefully become future contributors to the AATF magazine.

May the Peace, Love, and Justice of God be with you all.


Head Shot 2

Sunggu Yang, PhD

Founder and Executive Director, AATF
George Fox University


Hyun Ho Park 2

Hyun Ho Park

Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, AATF
PhD Candidate, GTU


** The header image, “Christian Art and Symbolism in China,” from Vanderbilt Divinity Library (Art in Christian Tradition)

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