The Bible section is the critical response to the thought-provoking question, what is the Asian American reading of the Bible? The question itself is indeed the result of the realization that there exist “the [unique] construction of Asian American [social and cultural] identity and the dialogical interaction of identity with biblical interpretation.”1 Thus, the given section explores the unique reading of the Bible by Asian Americans rising from their particular social and cultural contexts. Article contributors to the section will take one or more of such widely adopted methodological perspectives in this field as cultural hermeneutics, cultural studies, evangelical interpretation, postcolonial interpretation, and the like. Book reviews include relevant publications not only by Asian Americans, but by non-Asian American authors.

  1.  Mary F. Foskett and Jeffrey Kah-Jin Kuan, Ways of Being, Ways of Reading: Asian American Biblical Interpretation (St. Louis, Mo.: Chalice Press, 2006), xii. 
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