Vol. 5 No. 1

Vol. 5 No. 1

Articles & Book Reviews


Article: “Violence, Suffering, and Solidarity: A Fanonian Reading of Jeremiah 11:18–12:6,” Tae Woong Lee, PDF

Book Review on Messiah in Weakness: A Portrait of Jesus from the Perspective of the Dispossessed, La Hkawng, PDF


Article : “Theologizing Christology and Discipleship in Earliest Christian Writings: Reflections for the Context of Burma,” Shawnghtoi Lahpai, PDF

Book Review on Missionary Christianity and Local Religion: American Evangelicalism in North India, 1836-1870, Shivraj Kumar Mahendra, PDF


Article: “The Value of Habermas’ Discourse Ethics for an Inclusive Perspective toward Belonging and Protection of the Stateless’ Human Rights,” Isil Yoon, PDF

Book Review on Gods, Heroes, and Ancestors: An Interreligious Encounter in Eighteenth-Century Vietnam, Judith A. Berling, PDF


Article: “Mission of God: Intra-communal and Inter-communal Mission,” Sochanngam Shirik, PDF

Book Review on Preaching with Cultural Intelligence: Understanding the People Who Hear our Sermons, Bud Simon, PDF

Sermon: “The Lord is coming,” Woori Han, PDF

Culture Review

Article: “Reading Immigrants Here and There,” Jonathan A. Seitz, PDF

Art: Painting is an Attitude about Life, Chris Lan Hui Chou, PDF


Article 1: “Self-Forgiveness: A Moral Compass Reflected in Prologue of John,” David Chiwon Kwon, PDF

Article 2: “Film and Christian Preaching: Toward a Cinemate Homiletic (Part III)”, Sunggu Yang


David Chi-Won Kwon Hired at SMU (Minnesota)


Su-Chi Lin Hired at Graduate School of Theology in Taiwan

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