vol. 2 no. 1

Vol. 2 No. 1

Articles & Book Reviews


Article: “A Case for Asian American Posthumanist Hermeneutics” Dong Hyeon Jeong, PDF

Article Review on Sejong Chun. “Exorcism or Healing? A Korean Preacher’s Reading of Mark 5:1-20.” In Mark, Texts @ Contexts, edited by Nicole Duran, Teresa Okure, and Daniel Patte, 15-34. By Hyun Ho Park, PDF


Article: “After Colonialism, Before Democracy: The Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong: Part II” Christie Chui-Shan CHOW and Joseph Tse-Hei LEE, PDF

Book Review on A New History of Christianity in China, Paul C.H. Chang, PDF


Article: “The Law and Sin: A Reading of Paul with Lacan and Levinas” Hosung Ahn, PDF

Book Review on From a Liminal Pace: An Asian American Theology, Sunggu Yang, PDF

Worship & Preaching

Article: “Homiletical Insights from Paul Tillich and Wonhyo: Focusing on Their Understanding of God and Ultimate Reality” Joon Ki Kim, PDF

Review on Dissertation: “The New Homiletic: The Strategies for the Listener-Oriented Communication of the Gospel in the Postmodern Korean Context,” Hyun Ho Park, PDF


Article 1: “Glocality and Covenant: Korean American Interchurch Unity” James Hyonroh Lee, PDF

Book Review on Using the Bible in Practical Theology: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, Jinny Chieu, PDF

Sermon: “The Story of a Scar” Shirley Lin, Sermon

Culture Review

Article, “Understanding Masculinity in Tevye the Dairyman” Cheongsoo Park, PDF

Features (Click Links)

Korean American Movie: “Wedding Palace” 2013

A New Movie: “The Dropbox” 2015

Refusing to be Comforted

News (Click Links)


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