Vol. 3 No. 2

Vol. 3 No. 2

Articles & Book Reviews


Article: “Women, Ethnicity, and Asian Modernity: Ruth in Hong Kong?” David Chiwon Kwon, PDF

Book Review on A Hermeneutic on Dislocation as Experience: Creating a Borderland, Constructing a Hybrid Identity, Diandra Chretain, PDF


Article: “The Post-Umbrella Movement, Biblical Interpretation, and Unity of the Church” Cynthia S.Y. Chau, PDF

Book Review on The Uniquely African Controversy: Studies on Donatist Christianity, Sid D. Sudiacal, PDF


Article: “The Virtues of Resilience: Virtue Ethics for Strangers in America” Won Chul Shin, PDF

Book Review on Ethics: A Liberative Approach, Won Chul Shin, PDF

Worship & Preaching

Article: “Part II: Toward Postcolonial Liturgical Preaching: Drawing on the Pre-Coumbian Caribbean Religion of the Taíno” Lis Valle, PDF

Book Review on Preaching in Pictures: Using Images for Sermons that Connect, W. F. Marterre, Jr., PDF


Article: “Papal Wisdom for Asian American: What Can We Learn from Francis?” Rev. David Shinn, PDF

Book Review 1 on Here I am: Faith Stories of Korean American Clergywomen, Seungyoun Jeong, PDF

Book Review 2 on International Development and Public Religion: Changing Dynamics of Christian Mission in South Korea, Hyun-Ho Park, PDF

Sermon: “Joshua 1:1-9: Prosperity & Success” Rev. Marianne Lin, PDF

Culture Review

Article: “If We Are Going to Conquer Racism . . . ” Grace Ji-Sun Kim, PDF

Painting: “Protection” Su-Chi Lin, PDF


Introduction of Sadao Watanabe’s Life

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