Poem: “Yearning”

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My Lord God,


My eyes will be filled with tears facing an endless bliss.

My heart still dwells in the deep sorrow

As I have survived my harsh days.


I take a close look to my past and stare at myself in horror and anger.

My Lord God,

Let my soul be illumined.

Let my life become a reservoir of love beyond resentment.


My years are withering away.

My soul stretches out and moves toward your love.

Let me be attentive to only You.

Without You, some truths become troubling are disturbing.


All that I want to do is now yours.

Guide my fallen conscience.

I may realize to your love on the Cross.


I may seem to be lost in my own shame and guilt.

Call out to my troubled soul

As I see my greed to get your jewels

Violating the boundaries between You and me.


My Lord God,

I hope you claim all my life.

From my thought and act,

Purify my personhood

Make me be your faithful servant.


Rev. Jeremy (Junsik) Chang

Senior Pastor, Columbus KMC

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