vol. 1 no. 1

Vol. 1 No. 1

Articles & Book Reviews


Article: “Subversive Implications of 2 Kings 7:3-10 with Focus on the Lepers” Yoon Kyung Kim, PDF

Book Review on Ways of Being, Ways of Reading: Asian American Biblical Interpretation, Hyun Ho Park, PDF


Article: “Gilgamesh, Enkidu and the Civilizing Mission: A Political Irony in the Gilgamesh Epic, Part I” Ekaputra Tupamahu, PDF

Book Review on Mission History of Asian Churches, AATF Editorial Staff, PDF


Article: “Comparing Wesley’s Doctrine of Sanctification to the Concept of Cohesive Self in Self Psychology” Seong Hyun Lee, PDF

Book Review on Korean-Americans: Past, Present, and Future, Seong Hyun Lee, PDF

Worship & Preaching

Article: “Prophetic Preaching for the Faithful Life” Seungyoun Jeong, PDF

Book Review on Worship for the Whole People of God: Vital Worship for the 21st Century, Sunggu Yang, PDF


Article: “Historical Factors That Influenced the Deductive Preaching Style in the Korean Church” Jinseok Kim, PDF

Book Review on Asian American Evangelical Churches: Race, Ethnicity, and Assimilation in the Second Generation, Sunggu Yang, PDF

Sermon: “Do It Anyway” Hyun Ho Park, PDF

Features (Click Links)

Asia America, Where Have You Gone?

Jennifer 8.Lee: The Hunt for General Tso

News (Click Links)

Association of Asian/North American Theological Educators, Conference 2014

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