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The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia

Asian Theological Summer Institute (ATSI) at The Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia (LTSP) is launching an online program in Asian Theological Studies for MDiv. students. A select number of courses will be available to students for credit beginning in 2015. The courses are transferable to home institution and students of Asian heritage are eligible for a 50% tuition discount. The first in a series of online courses will be offered in spring 2015 (Jan 25-May15) taught by Dr. Tat-siong Benny Liew of Holy Cross University. Course description:

BBT490 Asian American Readings of the Bible 1.00 unit (3 credits)

Dr. Tat-siong Benny Liew,

A survey of Asian American racialization in the US and how Asian Americans negotiate with the Bible through their racialization and with their racialization through the Bible. Participants will also investigate how Asian Americans employ different reading strategies to approach the Bible and how those strategies also change over time. Asynchronous on-line course. Requires computer competency and ability to work through the LTSP Moodle site.

Interested students may contact the for more information and registration.

Additional courses in Asian American Theology, Asian American Pastoral Ministry, Asian American Biblical Hermeneutics, Asian American History, etc. will be offered in subsequent semesters taught by well-known Asian American professors. These courses may be upgraded for graduate credit.

For more information about ATSI or LTSP visit

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