Mission History of Asian Churches


People are now recognizing that the world mission activity has changed. Instead of “the Christian West to the unbelieving rest”, it is “from all corners of the world to all nations.” Especially, for decades already we have witnessed the vibrant and growing mission work from the evangelical East to the unbelieving West. The book in focus, an anthology of essays from the Second International Forum of Asian Society of Missiology,1 presents the current Asian mission history and movement that has impacted both Asian and western countries. With eight essays in total, the book includes the mission histories and activities of Asian nations like China, India, the Indochina region, Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, and Singapore. Rather than summarizing or giving an introduction to each chapter, this review enumerates the title of each for the reader’s future reference use.

  • Chapter One: “New Christianity in the Twenty-First Century: Asian Mission as a Major Force in Mission”
  • Chapter Two: “A Mission China: An Analysis of Its Ten Affecting Factors”
  • Chapter Three: “The Emergence and Expansion of Indian Mission Movement from 1947-2009: A Study into the Successes and Failures
  • Chapter Four: “Mission History of Indochina”
  • Chapter Five: “A Mission History of Indonesian Church”
  • Chapter Six: “Missionary Movement of the Korean Church”
  • Chapter Seven: “The Church and the Missionary Movement in Singapore”
  • Chapter Eight: “The Rise of the Filipino Missionary Movement: A Preliminary Historical Assessment”

All eight essays are strongly academic, and several of them provide useful charts and statistical information that neatly depict the current Asian mission work all around the world. Most essays do not simply present the “glorious” history and movement of the Asian mission to the wider world. The authors also discuss certain failures, challenges, and issues that have emerged in the Asian mission movement. At least, however, the reader will sense the positivism that all authors share in common regarding the Asian mission. They all believe that the influence of the Asian mission on the globe will increase in both numeric and spiritual senses. They think we have just seen the beginning or tip of the large “missional picture” that evangelical Asians are enthusiastically drawing. The AATF editorial staff recommends the book as a fine introduction to the Asian mission history and movement.


AATF Editorial Staff

  1. The forum was held in Semarang, Indonesia on March 16-20, 2009. 

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